BA Painting (First Class Hons), Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh         2017


upcoming exhibitions

Hidden Door Festival, Old State Cinema Leith, Edinburgh             25th May - 3rd June 2018



past exhibitions

ECA Degree Show, Edinburgh College of Art                                 June 2017

Genius Loci, City Arts Centre, Edinburgh                                       March 2017

Unfamiliar Spaces, Rook Lane Chapel, Frome. Solo exhibition.      July-August 2016

Guns on the Run, ECA, Edinburgh                                                 September 2016

Third Try-Mester, St. Margaret's House, Edinburgh                         April-May 2016

Bits of Spaces, Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh                              March 2016

Drawing on Drawing, ECA, Edinburgh                                            February 2016

Eviction Notice, Edinburgh College of Art                                       March 2015

Edinburgh Student Arts Festival, Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh          February 2015

The F Word Collective, Gayfield, Edinburgh                                   March 2015

The White Cubicle, ECA, Edinburgh                                               May 2014


links and publications

The Inkwell (2017), Ebb and Flow, PublishED

Plathoes Cave Zine: http://www.plathoescave.com/contibutors/

Interview with Spindle Magazine: http://spindlemagazine.com/2016/11/student-spotlight-julia-oborne/

Edinburgh Student Arts Festival: http://www.edinburghstudentartsfestival.com/city-art-centre

Unfamiliar Spaces, Rook Lane Chapel, Frome: http://www.rooklane.org.uk/events/unfamiliar-spaces-recent-paintings-by-julia-oborne/





Genius Loci,  City Arts Centre, Edinburgh, 2017

Genius Loci, City Arts Centre, Edinburgh, 2017

Unfamiliar Spaces,  Rook Lane Chapel,   Frome, 2016

Unfamiliar Spaces, Rook Lane Chapel, Frome, 2016